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Cyberteam believes in the benefits of expert knowledge. That's why we specialise in the markets we know best: Information Security, Business Transformation, Big Data, Energy, Development & Architecture, CRM / Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and IT Infrastructure.

In each sector we have people who have worked in their specialist field for several years including many within the industry sector itself. This gives us a major head start in being able to understand, advise and deliver to our clients.

We aim to provide a mix of the best of what a consultancy offers (expert advice & project delivery) with the best of what a recruitment company can offer (variety and flexibility of resource/skills) combined with a highly flexible and competitive pricing strategy.

So if you have a project that needs to be delivered or wish to hire key individuals on an interim or permanent basis then we might be able to offer you a refreshing alternative choice or you are looking for a highly specific executive search service within our specialist areas.

Currently Under Construction

We apologise, but this section of the Cyberteam website is currently under construction.